The Afari

The Afari Mobility Aid

Enabling fun and comfortable outdoor exercise - walking or jogging over diverse terrain - for those with mobility limitations


Go Where You Want To Go

Promotes endurance and strength building exercise with a rugged portable frame built for the outdoor, increasing distance covered and ability to exercise longer.

Supporting You With Comfort

Allows for natural upright posture while walking on diverse terrain and trails without assistance. Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and load assistance.

Enjoy The View

You’ll be looking straight ahead and not at the ground! Supports natural stride, posture and gait - providing independence and assisting in restoring confidence.

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Includes an active steering mechanism and robust but easy to engage manual braking system. Active steering control direction and safely navigate on uneven terrain. AFARI is both effective and easy to activate even by users with hand weakness.


Designed for upright ambulation such as brisk walking, and exercise in diverse outdoor environments, in contrast to walkers and crutches that are primarily used to support navigation over short distances.


Fitted with arm rests for unweighting using forearms. This feature removes direct impact from the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints, thus reducing upper extremity and upper body injuries while allowing effective unweighting.


AFARI is designed for upright posture, providing comfort and a more natural stance while eliminating the safety threats and secondary injury factors that result from walking in a stooped position and looking down.